The smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

The Smurfs 2 / The Dissolve

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

Hefty has a brief appearance in the Smurfs movie, as his role was he shares a mutually antagonistic relationship-Clumsy, and Smurfette-whom Hefty is The wizard subsequently betrays them and all four Smurfs end up in the river. As usual he was right to be worried, as they both end up stuck in the The combative relationship between Gargamel and Azrael is similar to. In , The Smurfs brought Peyo's experience, while the film undermines its rudimentary plot points at every turn with base humor.

But the moment is over quickly and there is some comedy parts to lighten the tension. Gutsy starts to threaten a character but is placated. He holds his hands to his stomach and pushes them away wiggling his fingers as he says this.

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

Gargamel insults a woman by calling her ugly. He then uses magic to make her youthful. The camera pans over her body whilst this is happening and her breasts swell and plump up whilst her bottom tightens and protrudes more.

The Smurfs 2

A character talks about heads on spikes and gestures with a knife in upwards stabbing motions to emphasis the point. Gargamel is generally abusive to his cat, Azrael. He stamps on its tail when it laughs at him referring to himself as a genius. He also throws it out the window of a moving car. Azrael is shown unhurt each time and is generally just annoyed, but this behaviour could be imitable. He then goes behind a desk and proceeds to relieve himself. He can only be seen from the waist up but the resulting sound effects are obvious.

Disgusting customers watch him, aghast. During this same scene Smurfette realises that it is possible to have more than one kind of dress and becomes obsessed with shopping. As the only female character her stereotypical materialistic desires in this scene are disappointing in that she appears unable to be satisfied until she has more possessions.

The other Smurfs drop their jaws at this, although Gutsy quickly joins in so his kilt blows up. Gargamel uses a leaf blower to suck up terrified Smurfs.

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

It swells in size until expelled. That, combined with crass product placement, means that adult viewers may have to tune out certain sections. But when the Smurfs gets it right it does manage to balance a wry sense of humour against cutesy child appeal. When Gargamel shoots magic lightning at Papa Smurf this takes the form of an electric hand Sexual Content: Deals with themes of self-fulfilling prophecy, becoming what is expected of you, fighting to establish your identity, greed for power, family love, impending parenthood, and materialism Words by Michael Record.

Gargamel follows Clumsy and destroys the Smurfs village.

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Most of the Smurfs manage to run toward a safe hiding place. Clumsy goes the wrong way and Papa Smurf and a handful of other Smurfs follow him.

They come to a portal that is only open once in a blue moon.

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To escape Gargamel, the Smurfs jump in the portal and are transported into New York City, but Gargamel and his evil cat are close behind. The Smurfs stumble upon a couple of humans, Patrick Neil Patrick Harris and Grace Jayma Mays Winslow, who house them and care for them while they wait for the next blue moon so they can return home.

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

The premise of this film is good versus evil. However, both Papa Smurf and Gargamel use witchcraft and spells to see the future, have visions, create potions, etc.

This is all done similar to the witch in Snow White. While some people believe that it is harmless, Galatians 5 warns us that acts of the flesh such as witchcraft keep us from inheriting the kingdom of God.

Gargamel uses a potion to turn an older woman young.

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

The transformation is shown on the screen, including her breasts and buttocks lifting and getting firmer. The moth brings back a hoard of flies. As the flies lift him in the air, it really becomes a very disturbing scene. Smurfette walks over a heater vent wearing a dress similar to Marilyn Monroe and the dress flies up. There is violence, some of it slapstick. Gargamel gets hit with a tree trunk.

the smurfs 2011 ending a relationship

Clumsy is always running into Smurfs, smacking Smurfs, knocking Smurfs over, and just being clumsy. The word smurf is used as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb.

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It is used throughout the movie to replace expletives. Phrases like smurf me and son of a smurf are used. The only actual swear word was d-mn. The couple the Smurfs stay with are married and have a good relationship.