Uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

Samuel Drake, as he appears in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. .. In a Game Informer interview, Troy Baker describes Sam as "incredibly charming" with a good. The Uncharted Series came to an end last week. Uncharted 3 made some important gameplay strides forward, but I found myself more irritated There was none of his troubled relationship with Elena, none of the broader. Uncharted 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and get into an argument over the wedding ring from their enstranged marriage.

His first meeting with Drake may suggest he is also reluctant towards anyone speaking English, as he raises his gun at Nate the moment he confirms to speak the language. This behavior might arise from Salim's duty as Iram's keeper, or as the result of scouting Marlowe's men for several days. His suspicion notwithstanding, Salim shows kindness to people he concludes to be in distress, even if they might be an enemy.

He appears to follow some rule of sacred hospitality, as he invites Drake to rest at his camp. Despite his initial uncertainty of Drake, Salim is indicated to be very loyal and protective towards those he deems trustworthy, as he quickly lets Drake help them in attacking Marlowe's convoy and even trades jokes with him and quickly trusts Sully due to his connection to Nate.

He ultimately saves the two when Iram collapses. Being the protector of Rub' al Khali's secrets, Salim is very knowledgeable about Iram's past and fate.

He seems to be somewhat superstitious in that regard, as he speak of Djinn and demons in a stern tone. Salim's mother language is Arabic, but he is also fluent in English. Physical appearance Salim is tall, lean and tanned-skin man who, during the events of Drake's Deception, appeared to be in his 30s.

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While the top of his head is hidden by a blue turban, Salim's eyebrows and short, stylized beard show that he has black hair. His eyes are dark brown. In his few appearances throughout Drake's Deception, Salim appears to favor the color blue, as both his turban and the loose shirt he wears are dyed in this color.

Around his shirt he wears an ammunition belt, alongside what appears to be a pouch where he keeps at least one dagger. He completes his outfit with dark gray pants and brown high boots. Skills As the leader of the Bedouins and the keeper of Iram, Salim is an experienced and seasoned warrior with noticeable talent and skill in modern weaponry, with a tendency to favor sidearms.

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

Despite being often outnumbered, Salim and his tribe manage to take down multiple hostile agents at once without suffering heavy losses themselves. He is also a capable horse rider, who leads his men himself.

He is shown to be very a very capable shooter even on horseback, and is able to dash through desert vehicles with ease. He also appears to be fairly fit and acrobatic, as he occasionally jumped from his horse towards a truck, overwhelming an enemy in a hand-to-hand combat before jumping back on his horse. Salim is also in possession of a silver dagger hanging on his waist, but he was never seen using it. Relationships "I am sheikh of this tribe.

Salim is the leader of a Bedouin tribe located in the Rub' al Khali desert. His fellow Bedouins appear to possess respect and trust in him, willing to ride alongside their sheikh into battle.

Nathan Drake "Are you my enemy, American? Salim first encounters Nathan Drake when the latter was cornered by the English gunmen Salim was scouting for the past two days. It's still up in the air how much gameplay we're going to let you wander around. But we aim to let you just ride a thousand miles off into the middle of nowhere and still find action and adventure as you go.

So it needs to feel like that. We aim to make it feel open-world. It would be very difficult for us to adjust it. We tried a couple of things but it wasn't making a lot of sense. As is standard, a one-time code will be provided with copies of Uncharted 3 for first time buyers giving them immediate access to online multiplayer features, whereas second-hand purchasers of the title will have to pay extra for online play. It was also confirmed that the Uncharted 3 disc would also contain four behind-the-scenes videos detailing the development and production of the video game, including exclusive material from Naughty Dog.

Sony announced that Uncharted 3 would come with codes for early access to the Starhawk multiplayer beta. Drake's Deception is created like a Hollywood film, especially the motion capture and voice acting procedure.

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

The Uncharted series has received praise for its movie-like sections, which Naughty Dog was keen to take to the next level in Uncharted 3. We have two motion capture spaces — a smaller one in the studio that lets us pick up smaller pieces, like idles, and then we have a dedicated stage at Sony Studios, and that's where we get both the motion capture and the audio — because we do all of the dialogue at the same time — for both gameplay and cinematics.

It's big enough for us to set up and perform everything from rehearsals to the final performances, and that approach, which is basically the same as producing a major motion picture, is what makes the performances so fluid and realistic in our games. When we're in full swing, we're doing new motion capture every week.

It's hard to explain how it works and how we developed it, but it absolutely ended up real and believable. It was one of our biggest challenges. Sand isn't just there to create footholds; it pours, it shifts, so we wanted to introduce it in a way that looks great but also presents you with big challenges. Drake's Deception uses an "evolved" version of the same engine they used in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that has allowed the game to have better physics, visuals, and environmental effects.

The game features new innovations in sand, fire, smoke, and water dynamics and effects, also it adds to the movement of the characters, more realistic textures and animations. We were using everything we possibly could.

There is always room where you find something where you can do the processing in some different way to find more power. There are all of these different ways to squeeze more power out of the box," Justin Richmond, game director, told VentureBeat. Uncharted 2 to 3 is still a jump, but it's a narrower jump.

Samuel Drake

And going forward, it depends on what we do. But in the end we'll be under We'll be one disc. It's not even about sales. It's about what we can push on the platform and how far we can take it. I'm sure you'll hear this from every other Sony developer but you know, I can't tell you how much we've been able to optimise Cell and you know, the amount of content we can put on Blu-ray. It was not clear if this network drive is for general use or for Uncharted 3 game assets and data.

However, Balestra's comment seems to allude to the former, indicating that the purpose of the drive is for the game. A larger game typically translates into mo-cap and art assets, high-res textures, music, voice audio, more environments, more content, and as a result a more fulfilling game to play. Uncharted 3 will probably be the largest game to-date. Genuinely, Uncharted 3 looks phenomenal in 3D. To this date over 3. About over a half a million players actively play monthly probably also the amount of multiplayer players.

Probably a little less than a million. Fans of 21 years of age or older could enter the contest and win a chance to play Uncharted 3 before public release.

Race to the Ring on Spike TV. The minute special featured five Uncharted fans from the United States engaged in physical and mental challenges, with the winner receiving an Uncharted-themed prize package including a Sony home theater system.

Fans of 18 years and older could enter the contest and win a chance to join an action-packed quest treasure hunt through the Arabian Desert inspired by the game and a chance to play Uncharted 3 before public release. The travel was from October 2 through October 6,with 20 competing adventurers from across Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Participating theaters offered "an inside look from the development team at Naughty Dog", a multiplayer tournament, gameplay shown on the big screen in 3D, as well as raffles, prizes, and giveaways. All "Insiders" had a copy of the game shipped to their homes on October 25 via FedExgiving the attendees a full one week head start over everyone else amidst the general public.

The trailer contains around 25 seconds of footage, and features Drake traversing canyons, riding horses, and battling above wrecked airplanes.

These events were in several regions, such as the European countries Norway and UK.

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On October 15, Sony offered gamers "the first ever public sampling" of Uncharted 3's single player campaign at The Pelican Bar, London. The campaign includes a short documentary produced by Edward Zwickas well as TV ads, online videos, homepage takeovers and outdoor posters.

A selection of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception themed stickers were also included. The pack was available to download through PlayStation Store from November 1 in North America and November 2 in Europe, which is the same day as Uncharted 3 was released in these territories.

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

Drake's Deception Complete Official Guides were released alongside the retail release of the game, both designed by Piggyback. The standard edition is available with a complete game walkthrough, high resolution maps, in-depth extras, and a full 64 pages on the multiplayer mode alone.

The Hardbound Collector's Edition features pages with an exclusive page Naughty Dog Cast Gallery, access to the Piggyback in-game multiplayer emblem, and a CD with ten tracks from the official Uncharted 3 music score.

Drake's Journal, a page book, which takes a look at the making of Uncharted 3 from the viewpoint of Nolan North, went on sale in November, shortly after the game was released. The book features over photos from Sony Pictures Sound Stage where the motion capture for Uncharted 3 was performed along with plenty of stories of Nolan, which documents the development of the game. Included are also Quick Response codes which link to "50 uncut videos from the mocap stage".

Combining open auditions from Europe through Facebook, Sony chose 10 finalists to compete in the finals in Los Angeles on March 28,where the winner got to meet the Naughty Dog Inc.

College Edition that aired in September where the finalists acted a scene from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and the winner of the challenge would have their signature winning move featured in Uncharted 3.

The Subway Taste for Adventure[ edit ] In North America during October, a month before the game's full retail release, players who purchased certain items from Subway had access to the entire multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3, as part of a cross-promotion between Sony and sandwich chain Subway. Buyers were able to enter a code from a specially marked Uncharted 30 oz drink cup before November 1 to get early access to the Uncharted 3 multiplayer.

The offer entitled fans to play all of the competitive multiplayer maps and modes a month before the game was released. Subway items, such as a Subway cap and shirt, could be unlocked by picking up Subway treasures. The player's rank and unlockable items were carried over into the main game. There were other ways to get in for non-PlayStation Plus members according to Sonyhowever, noting to keep an eye on local PlayStation Blogs and community forums.

Fortune Hunter was a partial recreation of the Yemen level from the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer mode, and a cover-based shooting system complete with weapons and gameplay inspired by the Uncharted series. Players were pitted against waves of enemies developed from character models from Drake's Deceptionand were able to unlock special PlayStation Home rewards once challenges were complete; for example, players could unlock collectible weapons and even the "Kickback Endurance Booster" for multiplayer gaming in Uncharted 3 if the player completed all ten challenges.

If the player pre-ordered Uncharted 3 from PlayStation Home, they also received an exclusive Nathan Drake costume with custom shooting animation for their PlayStation Home avatar.

Multiplayer beta[ edit ] A multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3 began worldwide on June 28,with early access for PlayStation Plus members and all buyers of specially marked copies of Infamous 2. The beta launched for all PSN members on July 5. Two maps were accessible first, Chateau and Airstrip, but two more maps were unlocked over the course of the beta, Yemen and Syria. Naughty Dog released the first patch for the multiplayer beta on June 29,titled version 1.

We [have] found a problem with matchmaking a couple of hours ago and a fix is on its way. Today will be a better day. Thanks for your support: In the update, aside from inclusions such as Facebook integration and i upscaling, a number of in-game elements such as medals and power plays were altered for a more balanced online experience. I just pushed uncharted3 beta patch 1. User data that keeps track of level, cash and unlocks cannot be retrieved by the studio.

However, beta players who were looking forward to rewards in the final version of Uncharted 3 based on their multiplayer beta play history will still get those rewards. In the UK, Uncharted 3 was scheduled for release on November 4, but in July its release was pushed two days forward to November 2, making its release simultaneous with the rest of Europe.

The pictures arrived showing Uncharted 3's title screen. I don't know what the manufacturing costs are, I don't know what the shipping costs are. I have no concept of that. I do know that for the amount of stuff we're putting in here, it is certainly not a bad deal. There are literally thousands of hours of content in this game. It doesn't seem like a crazy price to me.

But again, I have no idea what the proper margins are. If someone is saying 'What am I going to buy this month? But if they don't, I totally understand. There's a lot of really cool stuff. What I'm hoping is that as time goes on These things are still going to be on the shelf, it's not like we're taking it away. Maybe they don't buy it day one, but maybe they buy it in February?

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship

Maybe they buy it in March? We're not going away, and obviously people want to play things the day they come out, if they possibly can, but sometimes they can't.

uncharted 3 gameplay ending a relationship