Whispering corridors ending a relationship

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whispering corridors ending a relationship

Whispering Corridors 2:Memento Mori teacher(I honestly found him un attractive" had a relationship with the girl who Happy ending right?. wrong, mistrust, guilt and paranoia cause a deadly rift in their relationships. high schools, which include "Whispering Corridors" and "Memento Mori." unpeeling their layers of hidden motives to reveal a twist at the end. Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori Review to one another was so monumentally stupid that it boggles my mind to no end. that are meant to endear us to this relationship and these characters, but, instead, it comes off.

Newly released on a DVD without extra features, Whispering Corridors takes place at a girls' high school.

whispering corridors ending a relationship

It begins as schoolteacher Mrs. Park Lee Yong-Nyeo discovers something supernatural in several old school yearbooks, a ghost who has appeared in class photos for years.

She is almost immediately killed by a dark figure wearing a student's uniform. Showcasing dark hallways and a mysterious killer, the first few minutes of Whispering Corridors make visual and thematic allusions to the giallo thrillers directed by Dario Argento. The students who find Mrs.

Perhaps because they share such this violent discovery, they quickly become tight, despite their differences.

High School with an H from Horror: Revisiting the Whispering Corridors – seoulbeats

This pairing of two apparently opposite personalities is paralleled in two other relationships. Park So-Young Park Jin-Hee is outgoing and the smartest student in the school, and used to be the best friend of the eternally depressed Kim Jung-Sook Yoon Jy-Hyebefore academic rivalries drove them apart.

Equally troublesome was the relationship between the sociable Miss Hur Lee Mi-Yeonan alumnus who has just returned as a new schoolteacher, and Jin Ju, her classmate loathed by the rest of the class, who died on the school grounds under terrible circumstances nine years ago. Making the most of these structural similarities, Whispering Corridors offers a study of coincidence and fate.

More strikingly, all characters appear to be trapped in exactly the same situation: And all are equally unable to avoid the tragic and rather predictable consequences of their actions.

High School with an H from Horror: Revisiting the Whispering Corridors

Miss Hur and Jin Ju stopped being friends because of disapproval from their teacher, Mrs. As shown in a flashback, Mrs. Park tells Hur that she is a much better student than Jin Ju, and therefore they should not be friends.

The resulting sourness between the students leads to the accidental death of Jin Ju. Thus the main theme of Whispering Corridors becomes evident: Halfway downstairs, Ja-yee realises that she has forgotten a cleaning cloth and goes back for it. Ji-oh goes outside and is filling a bucket with water when something catches her eye. At that moment, Ja-yee appears. Above them, Jung-sook watches unseen from the classroom window. A teacher, nicknamed "Mad Dog", assembles the girls who know what has happened, and warns them not to say a word about it.

Later, looking up at the walkway, Eun-young reflects on the phone-call of the previous night. Eun-young remembers an incident of her student days, when Mrs Park punished Jin-ju harshly for being out of uniform, then spoke insulting of her mother as a "shaman".

Ji-oh agrees, but the girls are caught and severely reprimanded by "Mad Dog". Ja-yee finds Ji-oh in the art-room, and thanks her for helping her. After her initial shock, Ja-yee surprises Ji-oh by speaking knowledgeably of painting and praising her use of light. Ja-yee says she studied art a long time ago.

Eun-young enters classroom and finds Jung-sook sitting silently at the desk bearing the carved initials. Ji-oh enters to get something from her locker, commenting that it is now her desk.

Whispering Corridors (1998)

As Ji-oh leaves, Eun-young is startled to realise that she is carrying a pair of small silver bells. When I called Whispering Corridors a yecchh! An understanding of this dynamic is crucial to a full appreciation of this film, in which the plot stems from the evolution of three such relationships.

whispering corridors ending a relationship

Firstly, we see the blossoming of the introverted Ja-yee as her association with the headstrong, independent Ji-oh slowly develops. Conversely, we see also the anguish caused by the severance of the ties between So-young and Jung-sook, once inseparable, now driven apart by forces both social and academic. Or as the self-effacing Ja-yee, so clearly an outsider, and who, it seems, must be invited into the school by someone else?

whispering corridors ending a relationship

Or does the danger lie somewhere else entirely? Whispering Corridors is a leisurely paced film perhaps too much so for some horror fanswith its various characters each given their share of screen time, and the audience having ample opportunity to consider the evidence put before it.

whispering corridors ending a relationship

One thing made abundantly clear is that the sudden eruption of supernatural violence in the school is a response to the workings of an academic system so regimented that it threatens the literal destruction of anyone not mentally and emotionally tough enough to withstand the devastating pressures that it exerts.

Some girls are seen arriving and leaving, but others seem to be there all hours of the night and day. Most disturbing of all, however, is the behaviour of the teacher known as "Mad Dog".

That Eun-young witnesses this yet dares not protest is another disquieting factor. What is most horrifying about all this is that none of the other girls seem shocked by it; frightened and distressed, yes, but not surprised. We are therefore led to infer that, indeed, this is actually what goes on in Korean schools.

whispering corridors ending a relationship

Behind all of what we witness is a relentless pressure for academic success.