Wild arms 1 ending a relationship

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wild arms 1 ending a relationship

Bittersweet Ending: Irving and his sister both had to die to destroy the Kuiper Belt. And, as Not to say it's great, but it's definitely better than both versions of Wild Arms 1. and Altaecia are very strongly implied as being in a relationship. Wild ARMs 3 gives one the impression that its creators were told to make a JRPG , but and one is driven to protect her but no romantic relationship develops. After the End: Filgaia was turned into a desert wasteland by a cataclysmic event. For Wild ARMs 2 on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Beat 1) Exactly who did we kill for the final boss before Lord Blazer? It also plays nicely into the fact that they had an incestuous relationship.

Most Guardian attacks, like Cecilia's magic, have a certain elemental designation that is more effective against certain enemies. A number of towns and villages exist, some containing old-world European architecture and castles, while others resemble early American frontier towns and trade posts. Technology at the time of the game is set around the early Industrial Revolutionwith advancements such as motors first coming into use.

A recurring theme throughout the game is destructive technology such as guns and firearms being seen as dangerous and therefore forbidden technology that is feared by the general populace. Since most of the world's most advanced technology existed centuries before the start of the game, archaeologists and engineers are essentially one and the same; rediscovering old technology as they find new applications for it. Characters[ edit ] In addition to several supporting characters and villains, Wild Arms features three playable characters.

Under the care of the town's mayor, Rudy worked as a farmhand for his neighbor until the day a local boy, searching for medicinal herbs to heal his ailing father, became lost in a cave just outside town. Rushing to save him, Rudy eventually finds and rescues the child, yet inadvertently frees a zombie sealed within the cavern.

He is able to defeat the zombie and save the village, but alerts the villagers to his forbidden ARM weapon in the process, causing him to be cast out of the village and forcing him to live on his own, returning to the life of an adventurer and Drifter. FRudy is discovered to be a Holmcrossan artificial being designed to be a weapon that shares the basic physiology of the Metal Demons, which were terminated since they were labeled as being extremely violent and dangerous.

But Rudy was adopted by a man called Zepet, who assumed the role of his grandfather and cared for him, giving Rudy a heart and the capacity to care and love, steering him away from being a weapon of mass destruction like his brethren. Rudy's character exemplifies the role-playing game archetype of the silent protagonist and is meant to act as the player's extension into the game, though he does have one line in the game.

Her 17th birthday at the beginning of the game marks her official ascension into the Adlehyde royal family and departure from the school. Before she is able to leave, however, she is contacted by a mysterious voice who beckons her to a hidden library deep within the abbey.

It is there that she confronts and defeats a demon using her fledgling magic skills, and frees a powerful entity known as a "Guardian" from a sealed book. The Guardian informs Cecilia that her royal blood allows her to be a medium between the real world and the spirit dimension occupied by the avatars of all the world's elemental forces, and that she will be instrumental in securing the future and reconstruction of the barren planet. One of her reasons for joining Rudy and Jack was so she would not be lonely.

It is hinted that she may be in love with Rudy.

Wild Arms 2

Upon the discovery of an ancient holographic device within the Memory Temple, Jack learns of the long lost race of the Elw who had developed several forms of advanced technology. He sets off to the town of Adlehyde to find more information that will point him in the direction of his goal. Story[ edit ] A thousand years before the events of Wild Arms, a war raged between the inhabitants of Filgaia and the Metal Demons seeking to turn the planet into their new home.

After a fierce struggle, the humans managed to capture the demon's leader, "Mother", and sealed her deep within a castle in the tundra of Arctica.

Unable to completely destroy her constantly regenerating body, the people of Arctica removed her heart and tore it into three pieces, imprisoned her within a cocoonand sealed the pieces of her heart inside three stone statues which they spread across the world. With their leader gone, a majority of the demons disappeared, with only a few remaining in seclusion over the next few centuries, eventually launching an attack on the castle to reclaim the incapacitated body of Mother.

When a mysterious child named Rudy drifted into the small town of Surf, he came with an ARM at his side. Though he is able to hide it for a time his ARM makes him into a pariah after he is involved with a disastrous earthquake. The trio teams up for the first time to help a local engineer named Emma, who is researching ancient technology in a nearby tomb and believes a remnant of the Demon Wars may be inside, but came across the monsters inside the tomb.

Upon discovering the object, a deactivated robotic creature called a " golem ", the three adventurers escort Emma and their discovery back to Adlehyde to exhibit it at the town's Ruin Festival.

In order to spare the remaining people of Adlehyde, Cecilia gives Belselk her family heirloom, a pendant called the Tear Drop that has magical properties which the demons believe can be used as a catalyst for reviving their leader.

wild arms 1 ending a relationship

Traveling across Filgaia, the heroes make their way to the long-abandoned Guardian Temple to gain the alliance of the mystical guardians who maintain the forces of nature across the planet. There they are tested individually. After each of them fails their personal tests of character, the Guardians reluctantly agree to aid them.

The consequent resurrection of Mother occurs, yet the demons are informed by their leader that it is her intention to eradicate Filgaia rather than subjugate it and tells her followers that their own deaths will follow soon after.

wild arms 1 ending a relationship

Convincing him to aid them in their struggle, [23] Asgard neutralizes the protective seal around the Photosphere, granting Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia access. With the aid of a blue-hooded figure, the heroes are able to re-acquire Cecilia's Tear Drop, previously acting as the power source to the entire fortressand confront a weakened Mother directly, destroying her body just as the Photosphere sinks into the ocean.

Thinking the worst to be over, the trio depart for Adlehyde when they are confronted by the Quarter Knights, who inform them of their plan to take over Filgaia in their maniacal leader's absence, and the blue-hooded character who assisted them was Ziekfried, the leader of the Quarter Knights who betrayed Mother.

It was the last resort of the Guardians to connect their remaining strength together and maintain the planet.

These plans are temporarily thwarted at the last moment, with Zeikfried being thrown through a dimensional rift in space when the three confront him. Finding himself transported to the underwater wreckage of the Photosphere, Zeikfred is met by a deformed visage of Mother, who devours him. It is also revealed that one of the Quarter Knights was not originally a demon, but Jack's lost love Elmina, which fueled his lust for vengeance.

Later, the demons learn of a giant structure on one of the moons orbiting the planet, Malduke, that was designed to be a space station for residential and military purposes, possessing a powerful weapon that could destroy Filgaia. The leader of Filgaia's most prominent religion is dead, and the heroes are blamed for his death. On the other hand, the party isn't too broken up about it, and the ending sends the player off with an uplifting feeling; after all, it's not like people haven't tried to kill them before.

The last thing we see is that Hope Sprouts Eternal.

wild arms 1 ending a relationship

No, not that one. Subverted during The Stingeras the heroes are shown to have come out alive and unharmed, though everyone thinks they killed the guy who headed Filgaia's biggest religion. No save points whatsoever. Bonus Boss from hell, Ragu O Ragla, waiting for you at the end.

You have to fight him twice. And he is even stronger the second time around. Completing the entire map nets you a nice bonus. Janus is "just trying to do things efficiently.

One in particular stands out, spanning the entire damn game. Beatrice, the final boss, shows up in the first ten minutesand repeatedly shows up for small portions of cutscenes throughout the game as an almost unnoticeable side character until she reveals herself as the Woman behind the Man who was behind 3 People who were behind One Man.

wild arms 1 ending a relationship

On the slightly saner level, the statue that is Asgard, Janus' ability to split his body into multiple forms, the four extra shrines at the Southern Temple, and Hyades. There's a bit going on in this game. Several, although misspelt as they are spelt correctly in this game, but weren't in previous ones One of the more noteworthy ones is Todd, whom wields several Fast Draw techniques. Which is totally not Soul Edge. Subverted, the sandcraft requires four crew members to be used, each in different jobs roughly corresponding to actual ship jobs- Helmsman, Gunner, etc.

Cybernetics Eat Your Soul " The Metal Demons are a weird version of this; it's stated pretty clearly that it was after they became monsters that they took up cybernetics, but averted in the case of the heroes ARMs, which are stated to be usable only because of the everpresent nanobots in soil, air and the heroes themselves.

wild arms 1 ending a relationship

The demons and the dragons of the Hollywood variety. It's a toss-up between Wild Arms 2 and 3 as to which is the bleakest game in the series. The state of Filgaia in this game is the absolute lowest in the entire series. Monsters are this to a comically suicidal level during horseback battles. Even if they get hit by an attack that knocks them down, they just get back up and continue to chase after the party until they're killed entirely.

Interestingly, the intro movie continues to change throughout the game to reflect this.

Ending for Wild Arms (Sony Playstation)

The game feels very much like several seasons of a multi-arc anime because of this. The Dog Was the Mastermind: Beatrice, the purple-haired little girl. Once the antagonists with the exception of the really dangerous ones begin to lose it, you will hear them laughing out loud like mad men quite often.

The "outro" for when you quit the game after saving shows a beautiful scene, with a sung score, detailing the party's level, stats, and equipment as scenes of Virginia's life slowly drift by. Also, uniquely, the game has Evolving Intros- the anime opening sequence that plays when you load your save changes depending on storyline changes- villains come and go, major scenes get resolved, etc. Used repeatedly The final boss goes through ten stages of evolution. Maya is an expy of Jane from the first game.

Not only are they alike in appearance and personality, they serve as the rival for the resident lead female romantic for Cecelia, professional for Virginia. Though, its Virginia who takes Jane's surname. This makes sensesince Maya is actually using her power to become any character from a book to literally be Calamity Jane in appearance, personality, and abilities.

Wild ARMs 2 (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Beatrice is a dream demon, like Elizabeth from the first game. Most of it is obvious, but you'll probably overlook Shane's explanation of his prophetic dreams, which summarizes the entire plot and is the first mention of Beatrice.

Since this dream came from Beatrice in the first place, it's the first part of her Gambit Roulette. For The Cel Of It: One of the earlier examples of cel-shading on the PS2, and highly successful; the look merges well with the Wild West aesthetic.