Is she a serial flirt

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is she a serial flirt

Flirting is important for couples as well as for singles. Oftentimes, she wrote in her paper, married couples flirted to "create a private world with. So i met this girl a couple weeks ago I thought we hit it off. I mean she was always wanting to be with me and she was always flirting with me. But being in a serious relationship with a serial flirt can have the opposite effect on 'Xolo* made me feel amazing when we met,' she says.

She's white and I'm Indian from India.

is she a serial flirt

According to her, interracial couples are the best thing since sliced bread. We my date, Flirty Girl and I talked about other things, making small talk and telling jokes. My date and I decided to leave the wedding and go to a party.

My date suggested that I ask Flirty Girl for her number, so I did just that. Flirty Girl, however, would only give me her name to add on Facebook. I gave her my phone, to try again, but she gave me her name on a piece of paper.

On the way to the other party, my date was shocked to find out I didn't get any digits, just a name on a piece of paper. I friended her and sent her a message wishing her a happy new year and asking about her NYE plans. She replied back asking about mine.

is she a serial flirt

I plan on replying in a couple days when I get back to Michigan. So, was Flirty Girl just a serial flirt? With all that flirting and making sure that my date and I weren't exclusive, what was the point of giving me her name and not her number? I think that women, especially my age early 20sdon't date like people used to.

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I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother messaging her. What do ye gentlemen and ladies think? Our girls and ladies needs mental operation.

Nothing kills more than a woman. Terrorists, armrobbers, war, crises kill less compare to women. Just recently, one of my G complained about this same exact thing. He got really angry about it. I figure that just as we are naturally direct when flirting, women from our part of the world are naturally wired to be subtle when flirting I imagine they don't want to seem slutty or desperate but heck, I usually just call their bluff by guilt-tripping them into admitting they gave me wrong-signals.

Girls will be Girls 1 Like Re: If u carry nigeria ladies matter for head person go just get mental disorder Some guys usually misinterprete these gestures, at times she may just like your kind person but it doesn't mean she wants to go out with you.

Thank you my bro Some even mistake your being nice for flirting!

YAGT: Is she a serial flirt? Or is she into me?

Happens to me a lot and makes me wonder if i shuld just stop being nice and smiling 1 Like Re: Its their nature i guess aren't u one of them IamTitanium: If a girl is a serial flirt so what. The problem is that when they notice that, most of them try to conquer me. One of them mentioned something like trainning a wild horse syndrome and I just laughed. Funny enof they all fall in love but the difficult part is their falling out of love.