Michigan level 4 gymnastics state meet results

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michigan level 4 gymnastics state meet results

MICHIGAN LEVEL 5/6, XP & XD STATE MEET Gymnastics. Refunds for illness or injury with doctors note until April 6th. STATE MEET RESULTS. Mills Gymnastics USA wants to help bring young gymnasts to the next level through our Boys Open Michigan Meet March Results. Level Four. Click to. Level 5. Level 4. Level 3. State Meet Dates. State Qualifying Score . The purpose of the Michigan USA Gymnastics State Administrative .. Email all state meet results in an excel format to the appropriate MI Level Reps. FOR.

The Xcel Program is National in scope and provides uniform rules and guidelines for a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional JO Program. This will help clubs attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. Also online is the FAQ, which is always updated with great questions and answers. The Xcel Code of Points is in the final stages of publication. The Xcel Code of Points will contain all of the rules, recognition of Value Parts, a complete list of allowable skills, angle charts, example charts of what is allowable and not allowable skills, etc The Xcel Code of Points will be available for purchase through USA Gymnastics.

Information on that will be posted soon.

2013 - 2014 - Girls Gymnastics Team

The new age restrictions were developed for a National purpose. Michigan is a very unique state in that we have a pre-competitive program.

michigan level 4 gymnastics state meet results

Our pre-team fun meet program allows for younger gymnasts to experience competition and train developmental skills for their future gymnastics. Coaches do not have to decide the track of a gymnast at a young age. The Bronze level will be a pre-competitive division in Michigan.

michigan level 4 gymnastics state meet results

Last year the Bronze was in-house only. This year the Bronze may be in-house or may compete in Fun Meets.

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Events

There will not be a State Meet for this division. Donothan Bailey is in 6th place in the all-around and 2nd on pommel horse. New resident at the Training Center, Kanji Oyama is in 8th place in the all-around. Adrian only competed on five events. Young Cameron Bock is in 18th place in the all-around. The juniors will compete at 1: Jon will be the national head judge on parallel bars for and Jon has been the national head judge on vault for the and seasons and has done a great job.

I believe she is coached by her father Alex Shcennikov. Minor clarifications to the compulsory routines Changes to the technical sequences Major changes simplifying the optional routines Levels 9 and 10 will primarily use the FIG Jr rules with just a few exceptions and bonus skills Level 8 bonuses have also been simplified Additional stick bonus Addition of Division 1 and 2 in the Junior Development Division The Level 8 FX repetition rule is still confusing After discussion with the Optional Rules Committee, this is a proposed clarification of the rule: Examples and reponses from the Commitee: Run — Tuck front — Tuck front Pass 2: Run — Tuck front Athlete recives value the two Tuck fronts in pass 1, but not the Tuck front in pass 2.

Run — Tuck front Athlete recives value for all three skills Pass 1: Run — Tuck front Pass 3: He receives no value for the Tuck Front pass 2 Pass 1: He receives value for the Front Tuck in the pass 1, but not the Tuck Front in pass 2. We got to see some very good routines along with some interesting misses. There was a nice crowd for the Senior session.

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Thanks to everyone who attended. Marvin Kimble Wisconsin won the Senior division with a score of Marvin had a couple of misses, but looks sharp.

Whitney Bjerken Level 4 Team State Gymnastics Meet

He did very nice high bar routine, but fell on his dismount. Colin Wingrove from Alpine Utah competed but left with an injury. Fortunately, it looks like he just needs some therapy. Yul Moldauer is pre-qualified and competed recently in Portugal so he took a break and stayed at OU to continue preparing for Championships. As for our brethren at the Olympic Training Center. Many of the very best gymnasts in the United States compete at the annual qualifier just so they can be judged by the best judges in the US.

michigan level 4 gymnastics state meet results

There will be two sessions, the first starting at The first session is junior and the second session is senior athletes. Please support this competition staring some of the best athletes in the United States.

I think entry is free, so this is a great opportunity to see how the best gymnastics is done.