How can i meet tyler the creator

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how can i meet tyler the creator

Tyler Gregory Okonma (born March 6, ), commonly known by his stage name Tyler, the . Upon release, the album was met with generally positive reviews and debuted at number three on the Billboard , selling 90, copies in its first. Tyler The Creator VIP tickets offered by Also offering, Tyler The Creator VIP Packages, Tyler The Creator VIP travel packages and the. Buy tickets for an upcoming Tyler, The Creator concert near you. List of all.

Is it worth it?


You may be able to push your way up to the front depending on the crowd. Don't be a dick, and literally push people before the show though. Here's what you can expect being in the front: An hour of being pushed up against a barrier and into other people.

how can i meet tyler the creator

You won't be able to breathe. You'll be getting kicked in the head by crowd surfers.

how can i meet tyler the creator

You're gonna lose your phone. Leave that shit in your car. Here's what you can expect being in the middle: You'll probably be in the pit. If you don't wanna be in the pit, go to the back or the side.

I just wanna see Odd Future!

Tyler, the Creator

Is the back fun? If you just wanna stand and watch, and also not have to worry about getting hit, stay here. You should have no problem standing here. Can I get a pic?

Oh, it's Wolf Gang! Goblin is my shit though!!! Odd Future is not one of those acts. Last time I saw Tyler, he ran from the stage immediately into his bus and left for the hotel or wherever he went. No one's gonna sign anything or take any pictures with anyone, unless you catch them before the show outside the venue.

how can i meet tyler the creator

Go loiter around on Fairfax if you want your Instagram picture. A bunch of people including me waited around after the show. Jasper and Taco hung with us for about an hour and a half, and Tyler came out and took pictures, signed shit for about 20 minutes too. I appreciate that he would want to go straight back to the hotel at some shows in nights where he isn't feeling it, but obviously this is subjective. Don't bring anything you care about. Your best bet is a beat-up T shirt and basketball shorts with nothing in your pockets.

Every person who treats the concert like a fashion show has their clothes destroyed.

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The crowd is wild, and the floor of the venue is a snapback graveyard when the show ends. Bring nice things at your own risk, because nobody in the room cares what you look like especially at an OF show and it will be damaged.

Keep your phone in your car. I've seen too many broken screens to risk it.

how can i meet tyler the creator

However Tyler, The Creator was the first to openly show support for fellow Odd Future member Frank Ocean after he revealed he had a relationship with another younger man. The young rapper has managed to collect a number of nominations at the MTV Music Video Awards, along with acclaim for his solo discography and work within Odd Future despite numerous controversies surrounding his lyrical content.

I went in with high expectations for his show, already knowing of how much energy and enthusiasm he puts into his live performances.

What I got at The Forum went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

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The crowd was amazing, knowing every song and shouting and yelling along with unrivaled amounts of energy. Tyler was just as, or even more, energetic and knew how to work the crowd perfectly by interaction, be it between moments talking about random things or talking about his music and singing. I was blown away by the fact that at least twice he called to stop the song just to start it again because he loved how into it the crowd was and wanted to see it again. Of course we, the crowd, loved it and drained our lungs out with every lyric.

Everyone exited the venue with shirts soaked in sweat and with cracking voices, with grins on their face from having experienced something they'd never forget. If you like Tyler, or by extension OFWGKTA, you have to see him live if you get the opportunity, you can never anticipate how godly his live performances will be.