How did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

And, of course, Annie Lennox, Stewart's onetime love, with whom he went After we broke up it was very difficult to meet other people, but then. 'Annie is wonderful but she's tortured' Eurythmics star Dave Stewart on We meet at London's Hospital Club, a private members facility and. David Allan Stewart (born 9 September ) is an English musician, songwriter and record producer, best known for Eurythmics, his successful professional.

Inhe collaborated with Bob Geldof on tracks for his debut solo album Deep in the Heart of Nowhere. Working together, the duo named themselves "The Brothers of Doom". Stewart also co-wrote and co-produced several tracks for Mick Jagger 's album Primitive Cool. Along with Marcella Detroit and his then-wife, Siobhan Faheyhe co-wrote the Shakespears Sister hit single " Stay " under the pseudonym "Jean Guiot"as well as several other tracks for their second and third albums.

InStewart co-wrote two tracks for German punk rock-singer Nina Hagen which were published on her sixth solo studio album Revolution Ballroom. He can also be heard on keyboards and contributed background vocals. InStewart co-produced the album Destination Anywhere for Jon Bon Jovi[19] as well as co-writing several tracks. Stewart collaborated with Bryan Ferry on his album Franticco-writing several tracks and co-producing one of them.

He also co-wrote " Friend or Foe " for the Russian pop duo t. InStewart was brought in by Ringo Starr to produce his album Liverpool 8after Starr dismissed the album's original producer, Mark Hudson.

'I look back and see a trail of madness' - Telegraph

Hudson's work on some tracks earned both Stewart and Hudson credits as co-producers along with Starr himself. InStewart announced on his Twitter account he was co-writing and producing the new studio album by Stevie Nicks.

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

The official clip of the song was released in Anna's fan club YouTube channel. Inhe worked with singer Lauren Harris on the pop rock project Kingdom of I. The single, also called Lily Was Here and featuring saxophone player Candy Dulfertopped the Dutch charts for five weeks.

The single also reached the UK Top 10 and peaked at No. Though he had previously directed music videos, he made his feature film directorial debut in with Honesta black comedy set in Swinging London in the late s featuring three members of the British girl group All Saints.

Stewart, in conjunction with his brother John J. Stewart of Oil Factory Productions, and in collaboration with music critic and author Robert Palmer and documentary filmmaker Robert Mugge made a documentary dealing with Delta Blues music. A Musical Pilgrimage to the Crossroadsreleased inwas filmed in Memphis, Tennessee and various north Mississippi counties. He collaborated with Mick Jagger to record songs which appear on the soundtrack to the movie Alfiereleased in He also recorded an exclusive soundtrack for the new episodes.

Musical theatre[ edit ] Stewart wrote the musical Barbarellabased on the filmwhich premiered in Vienna on 11 March Platinum Weird InStewart resurrected Platinum Weirda band he purportedly formed in the early s in London with singer Erin Grace, but which was in reality created in Platinum Weird features noted songwriter Kara DioGuardi on vocals and the band has re-recorded some of the fictional original band's songs and some new ones as well for an upcoming album.

The album was produced by John Shanks. The album was further promoted by a series of bogus World Wide Web fan sites, some of which are registered by the New Media Department of Interscope Records and hosted on the same server as interscope. InThe Business Playground: The couple have two children Sam and Django. They divorced in InStewart and Fisz moved to Hollywood so Stewart could concentrate on his soundtrack work.

When I arrive, he's hunched over his laptop, tapping away at one of his myriad projects. Is it the Marquee Club entertainment and dining complex that's about to set Islington alight when it opens this week?

Is it Hospital, the emerging multi-media cultural centre in Covent Garden, of which he is creative director?

Is it his bank statement?

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

No, actually, it's Mr Macaroni and his worried dog, Noodles. Mr Macaroni is a cartoon character Stewart is creating for television. He lives on a rubbish tip.

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

But instead of seeing his home as a rubbish tip, he regards each new item of refuse that comes raining down as full of wondrous potential.

Though an inventive mongrel himself, Noodles doesn't share his master's bizarre enthusiasms and is permanently anxious that they will both come to grief. Where's he going now? He has never had a proper job.

Discovering Eurythmics BSkyB - Documentary

He doesn't know what a career is. There were times - between the ages of 18 and 24 to be precise - when he was more or less permanently stoned and resorted to communicating in squiggles, because he couldn't speak. He had three car crashes and a near-death experience after the third. At his messed-up worst, he met the singer Annie Lennox, who was waitressing in Scotland. She persuaded him that he was living a nightmare and somehow managed to get his life back on course.

Together, they formed a partnership, for four years as lovers, soul-mates and musical collaborators and then as the Eurythmics. In 10 years, they sold more than 30 million albums. What did I do?

'I look back and see a trail of madness'

Stewart married for the third time last year, on a flower-decked platform over the sea at Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera, where he has one of his four homes. It was a hippy beach wedding par excellence. He and his bride, the photographer Anouska Fisz, wore orange blossom in their hair and garlands of frangipani and, that night, their younger daughter, India, was conceived.

She is now four months old. Their other daughter, Kaya, is two. It was like a real happening on the beach. A Chinese symbol spelling "long life" is tattooed just above his right wrist, but otherwise he is in one of his more conventional modes - neat beard, transparent lenses and growing-out head stubble under a baseball cap. Sometimes, he looks in the mirror and groans: He knew from an early age that he was never going to stay in Sunderland and that the guitar would be his escape.

Sometimes, it was York, sometimes it was Bridlington. Anywhere but Sunderland; anywhere away from bullying school kids. I was quite introverted at the time because my mother and father were breaking up, my home life was in turmoil and my school was changing.

He still has the tapes. They started his lifelong obsession with filming and recording. At 12, he started to teach himself the guitar and was soon playing Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan songs in folk clubs to a "crowd" of three or four people.

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

I was 17 and it kind of blew my mind. At 18, plunged into the wild world of contemporary pop, he was signed up by Chris Blackwell's company, Island Music. With my first advance, instead of buying amplifiers, I bought a pound of Moroccan hash and 1, capsules of a drug called mescaline - a bit like LSD - and went completely bonkers.

how did annie lennox and dave stewart meet

From about the age of 18 to 24, it's that classic blur.