How did renfield meet dracula

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how did renfield meet dracula

Get everything you need to know about Renfield in Dracula. You will, I trust, Dr. Seward, do me the justice to bear in mind, later on, that I did what I could to . Seward reports that Mina asks to meet with Renfield at the insane asylum, since. R. M. Renfield is a fictional character that appears in Bram Stoker's Gothic horror novel that is eventually revealed to be under the influence of Count Dracula; Renfield attempts to escape from the hospital multiple times to meet him. What makes Renfield change his mind? Is it purely selfish, because he wants Dracula to make him a vampire, and not Mina? Or does he really pity Mina and feel.

Seward reports that Renfield has acquired spiders, which he feeds the flies he has previously been given presumably by Seward reports that Renfield's spiders and flies are becoming a nuisance. Seward observes Renfield catching and eating a fly, Seward notices that Renfield has begun keeping a pet sparrow, and that the number of spiders in Renfield's room On Seward's next visit, he sees that Renfield now has a large number of sparrows, and relatively few flies and spiders.

Seward walks in to find only masses of feathers and a speck of blood on Renfield's pillow—the birds are gone. An orderly tells him, later that morning, that Renfield has simply Seward decides to refer to the patient as a zoophagus, or life-eater—Seward believes that Early on the 19th, Seward is called by orderlies to see Renfield, who appears to be in a kind of mania. Renfield has given up on his Renfield runs into the neighboring estate at Carfax, which Seward A nice touch to the story, don't you think?

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So, do you have any more questions? Do I actually eat flies and spiders? Well, what do you think?

how did renfield meet dracula

Do I seem like the kind of person who would hunt around behind file cabinets looking for spiders? Do you really think I would leave out a trail of honey to trap ants for a snack? Oh yes, and those lovely imported Australian grubs Excuse me, I see that it's already past sundown and I have gone on much, much too long.

And how rude of me not to have asked you to stay for dinner with us. Oh, you thought I lived alone? No, no, I live here with a very dear old friend.

He's wonderfully charming and will want to meet you. You say you'd rather not? Oh, but I insist. It will only take a moment, and I really think he's going to like you. Oh yes, yes, I'm really quite sure he'll be pleased with me for introducing you to him. You're just the kind of person he enjoys You may be a Renfield if Lucy asks what happened to Mina.

Van Helsing says he drove a stake through her heart. Lucy says they must destroy Dracula, and her also if necessary. Van Helsing plans to lure Dracula into the house and trap him there until sunrise. Dracula arrives and says he will return to his box for a century, but will then rise and claim Lucy from her grave. As the sun rises, Dracula escapes up the chimney. Renfield follows after him using a hidden passage behind a bookcase.

The men follow Renfield into an underground vault, where they find Dracula asleep in his box and drive a stake through his heart.

how did renfield meet dracula

After the theatre's curtain falls, Van Helsing addresses the audience with a warning that "there are such things". Stoker secured his theatrical rights to the story that same month by holding a staged reading at the Lyceum; this hasty adaptation was never performed again.

In the early s, after both Irving and Stoker had died, Deane founded his own theatrical troupe, the Hamilton Deane Company. He began working on a theatrical version of Dracula inand in he secured the permission of Stoker's widow Florence to stage an authorized adaptation.

Deane had originally intended to play the title role himself, but opted for the role of Van Helsing. This production toured England for three years before settling in London, where it opened at the Little Theatre in the Adelphi on 14 February Balderston to revise the script for American audiences.

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In addition to radically compressing the plot, Balderston reduced the number of significant characters. In Dean's original version Quincey was changed to a female to provide work in the play for more actresses. Directed by Ira Hards with scenic design by Joseph A. Raymond Huntleywho had performed the role of Dracula for four years in England, was engaged by Liveright to star in the U.