How to fix a stubborn relationship

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how to fix a stubborn relationship

Fixing a relationship by trying new things is a sure way to bring the spark .. Fix a relationship with forgiveness because being stubborn won't get you anywhere. Learn why it seems like your man lets his pride get in the way of your relationship , and find out how you can deal with it to effectively resolve. How it works in a relationship is not to be taken lightly. To make matters worse, the stubborn partner cannot see the destruction, because.

Let him know several things you appreciated lately. Gently mention that you have one concern, and remind him of those positive things throughout the conversation.

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Let him see clearly that your concern is just one aspect of a relationship that is otherwise terrific, and ask him to solve the problem. Accept his solution whenever possible. Don't expect perfection, because progress may be all you can get.

You didn't like it. You want to see a different response. Say what you want directly. Here's how you prove it to me. You can say, "I need to vent. I'm not looking for solutions, but if you'll listen to me for five or ten minutes, it would sure help me feel better. With these tips, hopefully you will be able to get farther in your conversations with him and learn how to reconcile your differences.

Why Men and Women React Differently to Conflict Studies have shown important sex differences between boy and girl babies.

How to Handle a Stubborn Man

Infant girls make eye contact more often and for longer periods than boys do. Male babies track movement better. Boys learn to master their domain through decisive actions. Girls learn to use talking and listening to influence their worlds.

how to fix a stubborn relationship

By the time they're grown, boys feel out of their element when faced with situations in which they don't have a plan or a purpose. Girls, however, don't experience the same degree of anxiety. If she hears, "We need to talk," she may feel puzzled, curious, and worried, but she instinctively knows she has the skills to explore the problem and brainstorm solutions. She doesn't assume the messenger is delivering a blow to her ego.

Men, on the other hand, hear those same words quite differently. They're acutely aware that something is wrong, and they don't know what it is.

how to fix a stubborn relationship

Worse, even if they knew, they don't have a plan for solving it, and aren't certain they'll know how to get one. They lack awareness and purpose, and fear that their own actions may have caused it. Love may be present, but boredom with rule with predictability. Frustration will dominate the relationship due to inflexibility. Stubbornness minimizes their partner by making the final ruling on what is and what will be. But in truth there is weakness, insecurity, and fear to adapting to new environments and continual change.

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Being blind to self is one of the reasons why a change cannot come. Stubbornness has different ways in which it is worn, but the results are still the same. One variation is outright obstinance and control. Another is methodical and calm. Another variation is the stubborn partner, who will listen, with minimal fight or response.

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Regardless, you will either feel that you were heard, but adamantly dismissed. Or there will always be an excuse, along with garbled logic as to why your input was minimized, disregarded or tossed.

Try asking the stubborn to shift a focus or a particular view, they will immediately become defensive in thinking you are asking for them to change.

Dealing with this partner type comes with a host of characteristic flaws. It takes a lot of yielding with minimal and empty returns. The moodiness of the stubborn is a lot to bear. Eventually, the time will come, when the yielding partner gets tired of being tired, and simply leaves.

Try to understand why your mate feels that way and then allow yourself to find an appropriate resolution for the challenging parts.

Attempt to Compromise Many issues will rectify themselves if both stubborn parties compromise. No matter what the issue is, you can both talk to each other and then try to come up with a compromise that fits for everyone. Time Out From Arguments Take a time out if you feel like your blood pressures are elevating.

how to fix a stubborn relationship

Getting angry and fighting is never going to solve anything. Separate yourself for at least 15 minutes. Discuss It Debate Style You can use a diplomatic approach to the matter as a remedy for the stubbornness. The two of you can go back and forth like two politicians and discuss why each of you has the best solution to the problem. That may end the stalemate and actually bring forth some meaningful conversation about the subject. If you can find a way to communicate, you can also find a way to work out your differences and stop being stubborn.