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bratz love meet

Bratz is a American musical comedy film based on the Bratz line of cartoon characters Jade joins the science club, then meets Dexter and discovers a passion for fashion design. Yasmin joins . "Love Is Wicked", Brick & Lace, 4. Meet the Bratz girls! above the cliques and fight back against student body president Meredith (Chelsea Staub) - a character we love to hate!. Read ⭐️The Main Characters (The Bratz)🦋 from the story ~Bratz Love Story~ by JenniferMGallon ( *Jenny Michelle* ) with reads. boys, talent, brokenfrien.

For the first time, children who were not white and did not have blue eyes saw a mainstream doll advertised on television worldwide. They were sold as a group of friends with different traits that were all equally valued. They never tried to push the idea that one Bratz doll was the smartest and prettiest unlike Barbie who always had to be at the top of the social food chain.

Bratz dolls were marketed as girls who appreciated their friends and portrayed the ideal dynamics of a group of young women. Bratz were never in competition with each other over anything. The main beef that neurotic parents had with Bratz dolls was their perceived promiscuity.

bratz love meet

There is so much to unpack there that it would honestly require its own separate article. I think the most important thing to note is the fact that an eleven year old giving birth is a consequence of rape and has absolutely nothing to do with what doll is wearing.

bratz love meet

Clearly, these people were projecting their own misogyny onto their kids toys, which is pretty messed up. People were also very concerned that Bratz were setting unrealistic beauty standards for young girls. They had no noses. Their legs cut off mid-shin because their feet were included in their shoes. Their heads were about four times the width of their necks. Were children asking for nose removal surgeries? Did they want to ditch their legs? Did they want a head so heavy that it would break their necks?

It showed self defense and how to stick up for yourself an example of that would be in season 1 episode 8 "It's Not About Me week". As you can see in that episode it shows how to stick up for a friend in need and not to care about yourself all the time. To help others and realize the world does not evolve around you. To show how lending a hand isn't bad.

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This show also includes helping the community, giving back. When they win money from events instead of going shopping, spending, they give back to their community which shows that this show isn't about money to themselves. It shows that they don't care about money and how much to spend on shopping, it shows that you should always give back to your community, help out where you live. Many parents believed that this show is bad because of the mini skirts, so did the review for the Bratz.

I disagree, this show shows you how to express yourself in fashion. It's not telling you to wear mini skirts and even though they did wear mini skirts they were walking appropriately, they sat down right, they wore high boots to their knees, they didn't bend over or opens their legs. They knew how to walk and carry themselves. This show is not telling kids to wear stuff like that. It showing kids that you don't always have to be plain in what you wear. If you have a certain style or want to be creative go ahead.

It showing kids that you don't have to wear one type of color, there other colors no matter if your a goth, tomboy, girly girl or whatever criteria you feel your style is in. In addition, it teaches leadership and to stand up for what you believe, don't back down. Their is always going to be someone to bring you down, trying to hold you back because your more successful then they are.

In all their episodes you will see that Burdine tries to make them fail in their success. For example, in Season 1 and all their episodes. She tries and she tries but in the end she always fail. Her attempts doesn't work because the Bratz work together and continue to find a way to complete their task and go beyond their limit.

This show also shows how to be a good sport and candidate. In season 1 episode 7 " Manicuring Candidate" that episode shows that you shouldn't scoop to the other people levels but beat them fair and square. There are times when you have to come as one to solve a problem then continue to go separate ways when its done for the people who work with people they don't get along with.

In season 1 episode 6 "Pet Show", which is a good example that shows how two people who don't get along well work together to solve a problem. In one of their movie BFF. Their are episodes that shows you how you should treat one another and tell the truth. How lying will make a small problem become bigger.

It even shows situations where you tried to help someone and you get in trouble even if you was innocent doing the right thing. In that particular episode Burdine internships took free samples thinking they can leave with them. Yasmin tries to tell them to put it back and pulls the bags. The manager and the police comes. Yasmin who told them the truth,but the interns decided to get her in trouble with them and played like they didn't know her.

It shows how karma works and that what goes around comes around. To treat other's how you would want to be treated. The episode shows how people tried to influence others. This is were true trusted, friends come in and being humble.

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Just because a person treat you bad doesn't mean you sit there and watch something worst happen to them even if they do deserve it.

Bratz is not like most shows where the boys look super girly. They did had an episode where the boy dress like a girl but that episode was to show a boy how a girl wanted to be treated. That all girls don't want thugs, but nice sweet young men.

It also shows the girls perspective when Dylan realize that not every girl wants a jerk. The episode was 9 and the season was 1 "trading faces".

Seeing a different point of view. It shows how boys and girls should respect one another.

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For the girlsif someone is being a jerk boy leave. An example for that would be in their movie Bratz Rock Angelz. For the people it helped with the advice they gave. This show had situations that are some what similar to what some teens, girls, boys go threw today. It shows you that school is important. If you have to stop a certain activity because your grades seem to be going down.