Love hate relationship tumblr quotes about

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love hate relationship tumblr quotes about

5. "Fuck Twitter yo. I hate Twitter. I love Twitter. I need it to get through a day, but it is also systematically messing with my health and sanity.". Imagine Crowley has a confession for you. Crowley X Reader. “We need him, whether you guys like it or not.” You stood in front of the demon, your hands on the. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' Love-Hate Relationship: A Scientific in love. In an old quote, resurrected by le Internet, Gosling made a.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' Love-Hate Relationship: A Scientific Analysis

Sprouse colesprouse December 31, Hey Cole, what happened? While I agree with the sentiment here, this tweet comes across really bitter and judgmental. And we all know that Cole's favorite thing in the world is talking down to people on social media.

love hate relationship tumblr quotes about

So, if anyone is upset that he doesn't have a Tumblr anymore, never fear! He's still being pretentious and snippy on Twitter. Nowadays it just comes across slightly snippier because he's held back by the character limit.

Fortunately for all of us, he can still be snotty in less than characters. I agree with the sentiment behind this tweet, though.

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Even though I think he could have found a better way to say it, people are pretty rude about people in the entertainment industry who are aging and changing.

But the way that an actor reacts or doesn't react to what the show does is totally fair game, right? So, naturally, people wanted to know if he would be that way in the show because that would be pretty huge for representation. Anyone who watches the show knows that they ended up giving him a romantic storyline, which isn't Cole's fault. Although I don't think that he was being particularly genuine when he said it, people still appreciated hearing someone say they understood how important representation is.

So, yeah, Cole totally gets representation. It's just something for him to post ironic tweets about and make fun of for some attention. I had such high hopes and then you crushed them with yet another thoughtless statement.

This isn't the way you appeal to a rational audience. Sprouse colesprouse August 9, Um, what? Because at best, this is just Cole trying really hard to say something deep and insightful. And I mean, he kind of did, but for the most part, he totally missed the mark. Instead, he landed somewhere in the land of "vague but super questionable statement that he never acknowledged. They got a lot of different reactions at the time, but none as confusing as Cole Sprouse calling them cannibals on Twitter.

It was a sweet little town, without much to do except wander, shop and eat as in the case with many Turkish towns. I was left outraged and vulnerable, snapping at any local who chose to follow me around when in my next stops of Selcuk and Ephesus. In Antalya, a female friend joined me and when you are in a pair it makes things easier.

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Aside from that we enjoyed the ruins of Termessos and met plenty of locals who wanted nothing more than to engage in smiles and conversation. The presence of western women complicates things. The influence of European trends complicates things.

How Social Justice Warriors Are Creating An Entire Generation Of Fascists

Local men can avoid parts of age-old custom and tradition that hold them back and formality is easily washed over in the hope that something more will come of it. On the other end of the scale, some western women come here and act inappropriately, even those small moments — like when the ice cream vendor tells you he will drop the price if you give him a kiss.

Progressive secular Turkey is growing, yet it still grates with underlining Islamic traditions. Many of my female friends have since told me they would never return to Turkey without a male companion. For the very first time in all of my travels as an independent, strong-willed and confident female, I felt the same. Turkey has its good parts.

love hate relationship tumblr quotes about

Travelling in Eastern Turkey Cappadocia was the cure to all previous evils, a hiking haven in a sea of marshmallow hills and fairy chimney valleys. The vibe was relaxed, the people more relaxed in their interaction and the landscape more varied.

love hate relationship tumblr quotes about

I then hopped over to Gaziantep to begin a day stint through the Kurdistan region with two expats in tow watching an incredible sunrise from Mount Nemrut, experiencing a homestay in Sanlirufa Urfastrolling the narrow streets of Mardin overlooking the plains of Syria, and giving support to the small yet historic town Hasenkayf soon to be flooded for the purpose of a dam before visiting the contested ground of Ani, the former ancient capital of Armenia.

Maybe I felt an affinity to this entire area — it too ousted by a progressive yet skewed Turkey this region being know for its political clashes with the current government in the call for independence. Maybe the local people felt an affinity with me being different and an outsider and thus more welcoming.

In the more conservative arena, I felt more at ease, and I was not expecting that. Will I Return to Turkey?