Swan love facts relationship

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swan love facts relationship

Art by Sue Miller There are three species of swans in North America: the mute swan, the trumpeter swan (found mostly in Canada and the nort. We tend to consider humans as the purest examples of faith and devotion in loving relationships, but in fact, there a lifetime and literally keep the marriage vow of "to love and to cherish, until we are Swans are faithful throughout their lives. Swans are birds of the family Anatidae within the genus Cygnus. The swans' close relatives . Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships. See the famous swan- related operas Lohengrin and Parsifal. Swan meat was regarded as a luxury food in England.

In addition there is another species known as the coscoroba swan, although this species is no longer considered one of the true swans. The swans are close relatives with geese and ducks. Often seen gliding across lakes, the swan has long represented elegance and refinement. The swans are the largest members of the waterfowl family Anatidae, and are among the largest flying birds.

The largest species, including the mute swan, trumpeter swan, and whooper swan, can reach a length of over 1.

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Their wingspans can be over 3. Photo credit Swans live for approximately 20 to 30 years. Some variations exist between the more common swan species. The trumpeter swan, which is the largest swan in North America, lives for an average of 24 years in the wild but has been known to live for 33 years in captivity. A mute swan lives for an average of 19 to 20 years; the tundra swan has a similar life span.

The black swans of Australia and New Zealand, which have been introduced to North America and Europe, can live for up to 40 years in the wild. The swan is found on both sides of the Equator across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The northern swan is generally white in color with an orange beak and the southern swan tends to be a mixture of white and black in color with red, orange or black beaks. Swans live in the following habitats: The swans are generally found in temperate environments, rarely occurring in the tropics.

Swans feed primarily on aquatic vegetation, with their long necks allowing them to feed on plants growing on river beds. They also eat small creatures such as molluscs that cling to the vegetation, and small fishfrogs and worms. Swans also will graze in fields, eating grass if it is available. Several species are migratory or partly migratory, while some populations are resident. Swans are fiercely protective of their babies, and are phenomenal mothers.

swan love facts relationship

This makes the swan a symbol of love in motherhood. When the swan glides upon the waters of our awareness, it might be a symbol of loveand a reminder of the blessings found in our relationships.

Swan Meaning in Cultural Symbolism The concept of partnership is further expressed on a divine level in Hinduism, wherein the swan graces vibrant traditions as the Hamsa bird.

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In the Saundarya Lahari translated: In the Celtic mindswans and geese were observed in the context of movement. Specifically, the keenly observant Celts noted their transitory nature and the swan pattern of migration.

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Consequently, the sign of the swan urged Celtic intuition to consider changes of mood water and heart love. Swan meaning is also linked to Celtic deities with solar associations, like Belanus and Lugh. As solar animalsthe swan represents the rising glory of a new day as well as the farewell of an old day with the setting sun. Swans speak to us about grace and beauty — yeah, sure.

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But a symbolic aspect often overlooked is the swan ferocity. Swans can be incredibly protective.

swan love facts relationship

Having the courage to protect what we love is a great lesson from the swan, and should not be overlooked. Regardless of how the swan may present herself as an elegant, proper creature — swans can be plucky when the occasion presents itself.

Fittingly, the Celtic goddess Bridgid is also associated with the swan as her grace is expressed with equal elegance in the form of writing poetry and song.

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Celtic myth also indicates when inhabitants of the Otherworld required passage to the physical land of life you and I experience every day, they would take the shape of the swan. Furthermore lore states they would travel out of the Otherworld in pairs, thus reinforcing the theme of union, bonds and partnership. I like to think the chains are symbolic of a harmony between cosmic forces; gold representing the sun, and silver symbolic of the moon.

swan love facts relationship

Perhaps the Celts recognized the essence of gods within the guise of the swan, and honored that power in the bird. We see further themes of transformation and deific embodiment in Greek myth wherein Zeus Jupiter in the Roman pantheon transformed himself into a swan in an effort to slake his uncontrollable passion for Leda.