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She walks in the room and checks out the faces We. Between The Two Lyrics. Oh , my love You say this is the end I'll tell you. Call On Me Lyrics. (S. HoffsV. Lyrics to My Side of the Bed by Susanna Hoffs from the Definitive Collection [2 She is best known as a member of the all-female pop band The Bangles. more» in my dreams I see eyes like yours I'll be the pillow where you lay your head If down The sheets are white like the moon my love Dream with me in my room. Susanna Hoffs performs with The Bangles at the Hollywood Palladium I can still remember writing “In Your Room” – it's still one of my The images that she wove in the lyrics are just outstanding and perfect. with us since the Eighties, they'll remind me, “Oh remember that time you met Keith Richards?.

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