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What does Harry Styles's song Meet Me In The Hallway mean? pain. when he says meet me in the hallway its like waiting outside the door of a hospital room if . I would love to see a version of this where all the lyrics are replaced with .. interested -- who wants to help me figure out what the lyrics mean?. Because of this, on Earth, we only can ever see one side of the moon. Waters elaborates further: "The line 'I'll see you on the dark side of the moon' is me speaking to the listener, . And if there is no room upon the hill.

There are many, and ALL of them are potentially correct.

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However, here is the one I prefer: At the beginning of the album, we hear the lyrics All you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be Run, rabbit, run Dig that hole, forget the sun When at last, your work is done Don't sit down, it's time to dig another one The above is a major message constantly regurgitated to us by society.

Work, work, work, work, work. Just work for the good of the whole. Your life consists only of your perceptions and actions, and it has no special meaning whatsoever. This sets the stage for a statement about the nature of the human society in which we live. When the lyrics 'Home, home again' appear, the subject is essentially taking a break from reality for a moment returning to the dwelling of his personal thoughts and internal existence.

Presumably, this break continues throughout The Great Gig in the Sky, after which further statements about the superficial and sometimes hostile nature of society are made in Money and Us and Them. When we come to the final moments of the album, the clocklike existence of the exposition is about to come to an end. It is difficult to put this into words, but I will try. The idea is not to over-interpret every word here, but to get a general idea for what they might be saying.

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear You shout, and no one seems to hear Here you've clearly perceived something that was loud or monstrous in nature note that the cloud is REAL and concrete - not an insane musingyou are shouting about it, and no one SEEMS to hear you.

Do they actually hear you? Perhaps they do, but they are too caught up in their monotonous existence to acknowledge your shouting.

Harry Styles - Meet Me In The Hallway Lyrics Meaning

Chapter 1 The Palace I wasn't born in a trunk, but I did become a show biz junkie early in life, before ever glimpsing Broadway or Hollywood. In addition to a natural attraction to it, I had a theater-loving mother who regularly left home, hearth, husband, and Birmingham, Alabama, for New York City, starting when I was two years old. Then there was Variety. Our public library didn't carry the magazine of show business, but a local newsstand did. Lucky for me, the news dealer was a friendly soul who didn't object to a customer browsing for hours.

I discovered Variety the year I entered junior high, and I was never the same after that. It introduced me to glamour, glitz, and glorious Technicolor, a welcome world to a dreamy youngster growing up in a city built around iron furnaces and steel mills.

According to Variety, the sanctum sanctorum of the entertainment world was the Palace Theater on the corner of 47th Street and Broadway. I lay in bed innumerable nights with visions of the Palace dancing in my head. These dreams never included my being on stage at the Palace, merely being a spectator. Yet, twenty-two years later, on the night of October 16,I found myself, to my astonishment, in a tuxedo, on the stage of the Palace at a nine-foot Steinway accompanying headliner Judy Garland as she sang these lyrics by Roger Edens: Until you've played the Palace, You haven't played the top.

So I hope you'll understand my wondrous thrill, "Cause vaudeville's back at the Palace, And I'm on the bill! I was living in New York and happened on an announcement in one of the papers that the Palace, after many inglorious years, was planning to re-open on a two-a-day basis with an old-time vaudeville show headed by Judy Garland.

I have never been an opening night freak, but I adored Judy, had written the songs for one of her movies, Meet Me in St. Louis, and thought to myself, "This is one opening night I'd like to attend. Why don't you sit on stage with me?

Judy, you shouldn't kid an old friend. I'm not kidding, I felt a little light-headed. Isn't Roger coming east to play for you? He can't, he's in production with something for Arthur and they're right in the thick of it. I know you're terribly busy, but it's only for three weeks.

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I would so love it if you would. How much will I have to pay you? She laughed that marvelous Judy Garland laugh. I'll talk to Sid about it. Sid Luft was her manager and soon-to-be third husband.