Now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

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now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

년 4월 18일 [LYRICS] (Jigeum Mannaro Gayo) Now We Got to Meet – Sungmin ft. Yesung. April 18 always be there [Yesung/Sungmin] now we go to meet. Sungmin – “I feel like I won't be able to do anything without E.L.F.”, Siwon – “They are Yesung – “Everlasting, reliable defender ELF. i love u”. Yesung discography This is the discography of Yesung, a South Korean singer. JPNOricon Korean "Now We Go To Meet" (with Sungmin and Various) .. Songwriting credits Year Song Artist(s) Album Lyrics[1] "Believe" Super.

The group was originally a member project group, as SM wanted to experiment a new concept that Koreans had not seen before in the Korean music history. Super Junior was formed as a rotational group, in which new members would replace some of the older members every year. They would focus not only on singing, but also acting, radio DJing, and MCing. In fact, most of the members had acting and TV broadcasting experiences prior to their debut as Super Junior.

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With the image of youthful handsome boys and a package of individual talents that the group offered, Super Junior 05 was popular not only in Korea, but also across Asia and even in the U. The guys began their first overseas activity in Thailand. Buoyed by the unexpected rise in popularity of the group, SM added the 13th member, Kyuhyun, and made Super Junior a permanent member group that we all know today.

On April 19,Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Kyuhyun, on the way home from their late night radio show, got into a major car accident. While the other three members had minor injuries, Kyuhyun was severely injured with fractured hip and deep scratches. Fortunately, Kyuhyun recovered faster than expected and joined his members in the preparation for their 2nd album. Their 2nd album promotion lasted for only three months, yet the album was well-received by fans. SM Entertainment revealed two new subgroups, designated to target two different music markets.

Along with 5 original members from the main group, SJ-M added two Chinese members to focus only on the Chinese music market.

now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

This subgroup displayed a bright and cheerful image for the summer as the Happy in the name suggested. During this year, SM introduced the guys to the Japanese market with the release of the U single in Japan.

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Within two days after the release, U reached No. Super Junior broke the record of being the first Korean artiste to earn a top-5 spot on the Oricon Chart with a Korean song. Although Super Junior as a group was idle, their top popularity was once again confirmed when Super Junior were invited to be representatives from Korea to attend the MTV Asia Awards.

Y Japan debut and Hiatus[ edit ] See also: The event was in collaboration with the SBS charity program "Hope TV 24" and the money raised was donated to a Mongolian school in South Korea which was at risk of closing down. On August 8, Yesung was sent to the hospital after falling from a 1.

now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

The injury aggravated old injuries from the neck and waist and was hospitalised for two days. He sang ballad track "Love Really Hurts" for the original soundtrack of television drama Tazza, which aired from September 16, to November 25, InYesung made his musical theatre debut in Namhansanseong lit.

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South Korean Mountain Fortresswhich is based on the novel of the same name by Kim Hoonwhich is based on the historical incident of Byeongja Horanat the Namhansanseong in Gyeonggi-do. Yesung played villain "Jung Myung-soo", a servant-turned-interpreter who feels sad from being betrayed by his country, from October 9 to November 4, at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House.

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The song, "It Has To Be You", is a ballad that tells the story about a man who refused to look for another girl, except for the one he loved. On June 4, Yesung performed it for the first time, and his first solo stage, on Music Bank which reached 3 on show's K-Chart.

The show presents a Korean celebrity being showered with affection from a secret admirer, with the challenge of guessing who the admirer is.

now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

Yesung was himself the subject of admiration in episode During the recording of Dream Team 2 on August 21,he fell from a platform and strained his waist again, but was reported to be a minor injury. Will and veteran composer Yoo Young-suk. It showcased various musical talents from the Korean music industry.

now we go meet sungmin yesung lyrics

From October 1 to October 28,he starred in his third musical Spamalot playing the main role of Sir Galahad. He performed it for the first time at the Super Junior K. Y The 1st Concert in Seoul on February His second duet with Jang Hyejin, was released on July 14, throughout Korea's digital charts.

The song has a fantastic harmony and is mixed with the lyrics of secretly loving someone and wondering if that person could possibly be feeling the same way about them.

On July 18,"For One Day" was released.