The borderlands film 2013 ending relationship

Duckyworth's Thoughts: The Borderlands ~ But what use is talking about the ending if the REST of the film is left unmentioned? and it has a great opportunity for character relationships – like when Deacon is given a. AM PDT 3/24/ by Stephen Dalton Possible spoiler alert: this movie was originally called The Devil Lies Beneath. Goldner is plainly working in the. I unfortunately learned about the ending of the movie AS I was like "Oh yeah, The Borderlands, that's the one where spoiler right??? I also never made the connection with the Gray line until you just pointed it out hah.

So I was set with the task of looking at 15 to 20 churches that had the elements we needed, with a bell tower, that were on a hill, and were quite remote.

the borderlands film 2013 ending relationship

When Elliot walked into West Ogwell Church in the south west, he said it was the only one that felt creepy — the other ones felt quite joyous. It feels like the church is a presence in itself in the film. A lot of that is the sound design. He added a lot of life to the church, with creaking rafters, and wind, adding things to make it a proper character in the film.

Were there any real creepy stories or legends about the church? It was built in the 13th century, but the interesting thing we discovered is that it was likely built on a former druid site of worship, which is relevant in the film.

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And the church was built during the era when the druid sites were being taken over and their gods being done away with by Christianity. There were also some amazing folktales about nearby graveyards, like the possible origin story of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Supposedly if you go and say the right incantations on a full moon or something, his dogs will rise and chase you out of the graveyard. It actually burned down because some immature Satanists lit lots of candles and set fire to it in the 80s.

Found footage is a very popular sub-genre in horror at the moment. Were you wary of not re-treading ground?

the borderlands film 2013 ending relationship

How did you approach it? So even at script stage, we were dead set on there being a firm justification for why the characters were filming, and how they were doing it. We even surveyed our friends and other film fanatics about what they hated the most in found footage, and a lot of the time we just got back: While we were filming we were very aware of that, so we would make a character look somewhere so we could catch something on the camera.

It was all very stringently planned, and very carefully considered throughout the process.

What do you think the technique brings to the film? Thematically, the idea of whether or not you can believe what you see, and the truth of the image, was a big thing. Synopsis[ edit ] Three men — Deacon, a sceptical religious brotherGray, an English layman and technology expert and Father Mark Amidon — are sent by the Vatican to investigate reports of supernatural activity in an old, recently reopened church located in the Devon countryside.

Upon their first visit to the church, local priest Father Crellick tells them a miracle has taken place, while Gray sets up recording equipment.

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Crellick shows them footage of objects on the altar mysteriously moving but Deacon remains sceptical. The next day, Mark discovers a hidden side panel but he is disturbed by an unseen force before he can enter.

A multi-mic radio setup detects the sound of deep growls and whispers, followed by the sound of an infant crying. Mark pursues a despondent Crellick up the bell tower to the roof; Crellick questions whether he has witnessed a miracle or something far worse — he leaps to his death before a horrified Mark. The inhabitants of the village start to behave with hostility towards the team.

Local youths burn a sheep to death outside the men's cottage. The local pub landlord evicts Deacon and Gray from his premises after overhearing the two men discussing local folklore and the credibility of the tenets of old pagan religions versus those of Christianity. Deacon continues to investigate and traces whispers and creaks to a hidden door, inscribed with a pagan sigil he has seen in the diaries of the last minister to serve at the church until it was closed in the 18th century.

Behind the door, a set of stairs leads down into darkness and Deacon is assailed by the sounds of a baby crying and Crellick screaming.

the borderlands film 2013 ending relationship