Downshift meet september earth

9 lessons from the world's Blue Zones on living a long, healthy life | World Economic Forum

downshift meet september earth

Down Shift. Stress is part of Vegetables, fruit, and whole grains round out the rest of the diet and meat is eaten in small amounts. 6. Wine @ 5. January and September generally are months in which I reflect on the if you need to; you will meet other people and share enthusiasm and skills. not only polluting the earth but polluting our bodies and creating diseases?. and sometimes make great sacrifices for values that, fundamentally, meet no September 28, September 27, / Linda Murray / Leave a comment The real purpose of downshifting is to work less and enjoy life more. After all, if we're not here on earth to be happy and enjoy ourselves, then what's the point?!.

While IT firms in the U.

downshift meet september earth

But transportation experts say the ultimate solution is a transition away from the privately owned car to a world of "co-operative mobility. Creating such a networked mobility system is the mission of people like Maxim Nohroudi.

Germany's plan to downshift auto emissions | GreenBiz

SinceNohroudi and his business partner, Tom Kirschbaum, have built a company called " door2door ," which has grown to employees. Door2door wants to develop services "that feel like your private car but are shared solutions and need far less cars to fulfill needs," says Nohroudi.

What the company envisages, he says, is not a German version of Uber or a different form of current commercial car sharing, but something more radical: In Duisburg, an industrial city in the Ruhr valley, citizens can book a trip with the communal public transport provider, DVG, through an app developed by door2door. German carmakers vow to move to a more connected transportation system that will transition to EVs and make increasing use of digitization.

9 lessons from the world's Blue Zones on living a long, healthy life

But now when a passenger books a trip, a brand new mini-bus with five passenger seats and a luxurious feel to it arrives within minutes, just like a taxi. When using the app, customers get a full overview of all transport options and their costs.

A second, similar trial run is under way in a rural area in Bavaria. Last month, a much bigger player entered this field: In addition to its many regional and high-speed trains and buses, which transport 12 million people per day, the company has built up a network of rental cars and rental bicycles in recent years that can be picked up and returned at train stations and other fixed locations. Live locally and explore what is happening within 5 miles from your home, or whatever distance you can cover on foot or bike.

Imagine what people did 20 years ago and try to bring in some of those same activities and ways of living into your home. Write letters, visit people in person, join the library, go for walks in the park, grow your own vegetables and fruit or help someone who has a large garden and share the produce, play cards, play board games, read books, knit, sew and learn skills from others, have a social drink at your local pub and get acquainted with the your neighbours.

Look at what you need and redefine what you want. Create a plan of where you want to be to enable you to reach your downshifting goal.

downshift meet september earth

Some people are lucky, they bought when the market was lower and have enough value in their home to downshift significantly within a short period of time. If that is not the case for you or not possible in the economic climate, redefine what space you need, how much it will cost and whether you need to change location to make it happen. There are huge price differences within the UK with regards of property prices, rentals, jobs etc. If that applies to you ;do your sums, what do you need, how long will it take?

Maybe share your space with others and create an income that way. Think about what you want to do when you downshift and learn how to do it now. Do you want to be a self sufficient smallholder, then volunteer at a farm, even a city one. Start gardening, using any spare time you have to invest in yourself and the skills you may need in the future.

Do you want to make all your presents and gifts?

downshift meet september earth

Then start with what you can do and sign up for a class if you need to; you will meet other people and share enthusiasm and skills. Many classes are subsidised.

This only increases stress and leaves precious little time for cooking healthy meals, socializing with friends and family, and getting involved with volunteer work. So every year, we become more unhealthy, heavy, stressed, and lonely. InI partnered with Healthways to start the Blue Zones Project, which brings the Power 9 longevity principles to whole communities. To do this, we focus on changing built environments — we want to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Instead of just focusing on the individual, the Project creates sustainable, long-term changes that affect the entire community and future generations.

Germany's plan to downshift auto emissions

Just as it sounds, the Blue Zones Project is no easy task. Changing the way a community moves, eats, and connects requires working with local governments, businesses, schools, and religious organizations. Our experts work with city planners and local government to create sidewalks and bike paths, clean up local parks, and make it easier and more fun to be active.

We work with restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and large employers to make healthier foods more accessible and less expensive. We also work with local community groups and religious institutions to create walking groups and other opportunities for residents to meet new people, create new connections, and improve their lives with volunteer work or new hobbies.

By improving the places people live, work, learn, and play, we make it easier for people to move naturally, make new friends, and eat healthy.