Relationship with brian williamson

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relationship with brian williamson

In today's selling environment, it's more critical than ever to have strong relationships with our clients. With increased competition, a wealth of. Brian Williamson. Brian Williamson My struggle to understand the relationship between abstract thoughts and empirical research took a leap forwards when. Brian Williamson, the managing director of Jumpstart, describes his. Brain and James explore how their relationship alternates between.

My job was to build a sales force, the challenge being that the business was started in the depths of a recession and there were very few funding options. I took over as MD in as there were four people at the top of the company and we needed someone to have the final say and make the final decisions. In we were rocketing ahead as far as growth was concerned and we had a great reputation in our native Scotland, but we needed infrastructure through the UK.

BGF was the investor that came out on top. Jim and I take our turns at being the reins and the spurs With James, we ended up with the best person, no doubt.

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Jim came in as an entrepreneurial chairman who could really figure out where the commercial success of the business lay. Jim and I have debates and he challenges me all the time, which is for the benefit of the business — he just wants to get the best out of me. A pair of reins and a set of spurs is necessary in this environment, and if you have too much of one and not much of the other it is quite dangerous. Jim and I take our turns at being the reins and the spurs, and the balance works really well.

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The Government has also enhanced it in the last two budgets, and so it should if it wants to invest properly in making the UK a centre for business excellence. Jumpstart has succeeded because of how well it has focused on one particular area, and embedded in the company are excellent systems, qualities and values.

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Once I got into it, rather perversely I enjoyed it — I think it appealed to my competitive nature. It also dawned on me that if they were putting me through this, then clearly they were working hard to filter all applicants through the company to those with a high level of talent and experience.

So I was impressed, ultimately. However the referee that was on the last game I played for GCU was also the team selector for the Scottish junior team. That exposure was well worth as soon after I was selected to play for Scotland Junior men basketball team. I always say it was my indiscretion that got me my international cap.

How has your career progressed since graduation?

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Did your qualification aid you? This was in and even then it seemed a paltry sum however the qualification got me onto the WPL company graduate programme which meant I was trained for management. I became the youngest ever manager in the history of WPL at the time when I took over the Stock Control department at the age of I then moved to look after welders as the superintendent at the age of So the qualification set my career on a pretty fast upward curve.

I always saw the qualification as a door opener and secured my first MD job at the age of Thereafter I shaped my CV to get a bigger and better job every two to three years until at the ripe old age of 38 I became an entrepreneur.

That was a bit like moving from the monorail with a great view of life to the roller coaster full of ups and downs.

Brian Williamson

Since then I have never looked back and I am now in my 35th year of running companies at Board level. What is your greatest professional achievement? I have done so many things in life and won awards both with my companies and personally.

relationship with brian williamson

I was proud when I secured a role as MD at the age of 26 and some of the great growth stories over the years each one with its own unique story. I once bought into a business with employees and shortly after buying into it we lost a major contract and it got into difficulty.

I was twice advised by insolvency practitioners I would never be trade out of the situation and I should just let the business go into administration.

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This would have meant the loss of jobs so I worked my socks off to find a solution and eventually not only did I get the business out of trouble we became debt free…I was proud of that. However I view my greatest personal achievement so far happened in when I received a life time achievement award from an entrepreneurial organisation, WeDo entrepreneurs, in recognition of my outstanding contribution to entrepreneurship.

What are your future plans, both professionally and personally? My life took a turn on 29th July when I was diagnosed with cancer. My wife and I agreed things had to change with one common theme from both of us and that was to do more of what I enjoyed most.

So I embarked upon to a plan to recruit a new CEO in Jumpstart to allow me more time…more time to get involved with other businesses. Why do this at the age of 60 when my business life has given me a very nice life and I could easily retire?

relationship with brian williamson

The reason is that I do not see this as work, I see building and growing businesses as fun. Although eternal life is not possible there is a chance, in some small way, I can live in eternity through the knowledge and wisdom and I pass on the generations behind me.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? My family play a large part of my life so spending as much time with my wife, my two daughters, my granddaughter is a priority moving forward. This will be further enhanced in June because my eldest daughter is pregnant with twins…I am so excited about that.

I also play golf at Loch Lomond golf club which has a very special place in my heart. I have two dogs, Westies called Wallace and Findlay and I love walking with them.